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8 Ways to Leverage Telematics During COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is still very much an issue impacting vocational work truck fleets today. Work Truck reached out to experts in the telematics industry to see how fleets can leverage their telematics solutions to help keep their vehicles and drivers moving. 1. Increase Driver Communication & Monitoring Continue...

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New CAN adapters by Teltonika available

Introducing Teltonika newest modifications of the best-selling CAN adapters LV-CAN200 and CAN-CONTROL. New models open up possibilities for even more use cases and provide add-on value to your customers. Incoming adapters are now available in these options: CAN-Control+DTC option With the optional hardware CAN-CONTROL+DTC, you will be able to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes from...

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New Teltonika Telematics solution – Teltonika DualCam

Teltonika is happy to present you the first Teltonika Telematics video solution – Teltonika DualCam the advanced tracker with a dual camera! Teltonika DualCam records view in both directions – the front, i.e. what is happening on the road, and the back, i.e. the driver and the passengers if they are present....

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NimBus 2.0: major product update

Month after month, we release updated versions of Wialon Hosting and Wialon-based applications, and once a year, the updated Wialon Local makes its users happier. And all this is not only thanks to our committed work. Your reviews, wishes, feedback, and comments that you leave on the Gurtam forum or...

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Gurtam named one of the best telematics vendors in the world

Market research company ABI Research announced Gurtam as one of the top implementers of telematics solutions in the world. Find this data in the ABI Research’s Commercial Telematics Competitive Ranking report. “We are proud that our telematics and IoT platform Wialon develops staying ahead of the competition, meets the clients’ requirements, and...

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