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Make your dispatch instant and efficient

Vehicle GPS Tracking for Distribution Made Simple

Make your logistics delivery easy with our next-gen last-mile delivery software

Know exactly where your trucks are—and know exactly how your drivers are performing. Tracking trucks has never been easier or more affordable.

Increase fleet visibility, monitor daily operations in real-time and stay ahead of vehicle maintenance to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase accountability.

These features are ideal towards running a successful transportation or logistics business without making so many calls or going through bulky reports in order to make decisions.

GPS tracking for construction equipment can help increase worksite productivity and security.

GPS Tracker for Construction Equipment

Managing Assets in the Field Has Never Been Easier

Even if you have heavy equipment and construction assets stationed across numerous job sites, GEOMARK TRACKCAR has you covered. Our affordable GPS tracking devices allow you to monitor your expensive machinery with the touch of a button. Protect your business and enjoy job site continuity with GPS tracking from GEOMARK TRACKCAR.

GPS tracking for construction equipment can help increase worksite productivity and security.

GPS Features That Can Help Improve Public Transportation


GEOMARK TRACKCAR tracking technology installed in public busses relay their location to a artificial intelligent route planing sytem which processes and dispatches the estimated time of arrival to the informational LED displays placed at the bus stations providing passengers with real-time information for their trip planning.

Alert by SMS / e-mail when the temperature value goes out of range

Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GPS Technologies

With data logger you can monitoring temperature on your vehicles / medical store in real time

GEOMARK TRACKCAR  temperature monitoring solution reports temperature values in real time, ensuring optimal condition for goods. This monitoring is of fundamental importance for the maintenance of the cold chain. Guarantees both the maintenance of the temperature of the sensitive goods transported and the delivered in correct conditions.

Restaurant Supply Delivery GPS Fleet Tracking

Top Benefits of Real-Time Tracking for Food Delivery Service

GPS tracking software for food trucks helps your business reduce fuel expenses by letting you address inefficiencies and manage driver behaviors.

Customers now expect the ease of ordering their meals online. To make the

delivery process more streamlined and competitive, many businesses are now leveraging the power of real-time tracking apps. These apps deployed on smartphones enable them to monitor and track their ability to deliver takeaway orders effectively and efficiently.

GEOMARK TRACKCAR GPS tracking system to every delivery operations can provide real-time delivery fleet data for better customer service. To learn more about the top benefits of real-time tracking for food delivery service

Discover your cat or dog's secret life

GPS for Cats and Dogs

It’s not a secret that we all love our pets and we are willing to try new methods of keeping them Safe and Healthy. Grain Free Organic Foods, Personal Dog-Walkers, Pet Hotels, Doggy Go Pro’s, and Now GPS Trackers for Cats and Dogs!

GEOMARK TRACKCAR GPS tracker allows you to locate your dog and cat anytime, anywhere. Use the GPS collar attachment to see the exact location of your pet directly on your smartphone or in any browser.

Safety at their fingertips

GPS Tracker for Kids / Loved ones

Designed to be fun and colorful so kids are proud to wear it. The GPS tracking watch syncs with your smartphone, directly to our free iOS and Android apps.

GEOMARK TRACKCAR GPS kids / person tracker allows you to locate where your child / loved one is on our “in-app” map and then, if you choose, call or text them exactly like a cell phone.

Real-time running status of trains

GPS-device on every locomotive to track live location

Help Protect Railcars with Advanced Impact Monitoring

GEOMARK TRACKCAR railcar tracking and monitoring solutions allow owners and operators to stay in touch with their railcar and ensure asset visibility at every stage between point of origin and final destination.

Reduce time spent at terminals and other stop points. Calculate stop times at rail stations and border crossings using geofencing capabilities, and receive unscheduled stop alerts.

Monitor your car's health remotely

Real time tracking of cars

Get to know the driving behavior of your client

One of the common issues that crop up in the car rental businesses includes mishandling of the car. This basically involves rash driving behavior such as over speeding, over revving, hard accelerating etc. These parameters are pivotal to not only judge the driving behavior of the person driving the car but also estimate the depreciation of the different parts of the car.GEOMARK TRACKCAR GPS device provides the following alerts with regards to the driving behavior whenever a trip is taken.

  • Sudden Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Over Speeding
  • Over Revving
  • Long Idling

Monitoring leased cars with GPS trackers not only helps companies prevent car rental abuse, it can also be beneficial to honest customers. The GPS system can help them avoid getting lost when traveling to unfamiliar places.

Across town or across the country, monitor every equipments in your company

Asset tracking software and services

Track the assets that power your business with a comprehensive asset tracking technology that works for all your high-value equipment.

It’s time to take control of the things that matter, and GEOMARK TRACKCAR asset tracking solutions are here to help. And it’s all part of the powerful tracking platform, an innovative GPS fleet tracking solution that grows and adapts to the needs of your business.

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Each of us is born with a built-in GPS, God's Positioning System, a sophisticated navigational package that divinely aligns us with people and events and keeps us from losing our way

- SQuire Rushnell

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